Summer Vibes Jun -Jul 2020

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Cayton Bay

Lockdown carries on! We did manage to get out and about a bit: Cayton Bay near Scarborough. Chris had his Birthday. Callum and Chris built Freddie a trampoline in the back garden. Check out the Gallery.

There were many more sunny days that we enjoyed in the garden and down at the allotment. The craft projects continued – card making, clay works and a few more pom poms and knitting along the way to keep us out of mischief. There were various cooking sessions that happened to explore and try out new recipes and just nice to spend time together doing these.

We were very lucky with timing to hit the break in lockdown restrictions just right that we were able to make a visit to Wigan to visit the other Wilson gang for a birthday and Fathers day celebration in June. We did this as a surprise visit and it worked wonderfully and we felt were grateful we had that opportunity to share with them. Mardle enjoyed seeing his furry friend Tara too.

Back home and work and school continued at a steady and fast pace but we made time on Sundays to recharge. There were more restoration projects that took place, upcycling old chairs and wheelbarrows. The garden flowers bloomed and the produce at the allotment started to show up nicely.

Freddie loved visiting Cayton Bay and especially learning about the history there and exploring the ruins. He coped well with being out in public again and we were lucky that we had gone early morning and it wasn’t overly busy and most people there were going out surfing so social distancing was fairly easy. It was good for Mardle too to have a good run about somewhere different.

At the end of July we celebrated with Chris for his birthday and it was nice that Liam and Kirsty were able to join us for a garden party for this too.

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Until next time.

Love and blessings

Chris, Tracy, Callum, Freddie and Mardle x x x x x

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