Lockdown 2: The Revenge! Oct – Nov 2020

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Well the relaxation of COVID restrictions created another lockdown and the impact this had on many was different and harder to accept in some ways than the national locksown back in the spring.

For us as a family there weren’t too many changes to routine as a results of this. Freddie was back to home schooling during October for self-isolation from a positive case of C-19 and then it was half term. Freddie had no symptoms and kept well during this time. Half term included craft and cooking activities with things linked to Halloween and we were able to pick our own pumpkin from the allotment this year and carve that. We then made pumpkin pie from it too. Check out our Gallery.

November seemed to come and go although we were in lockdown. We made some preparations for Christmas and Chris started his new project of making Mead which we will bring you more news on next time.

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Until next time we wish you all the best for the festive period.

Love and blessings to you and your family from Chris, Tracy, Callum, Freddie and Mardle x x x x x

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