Going Loco in Lockdown Apr – May 2020

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Welcome to the Wilson Waffle, our newsletter to keep you up to date with the happenings in the Wilson household.

Well, we’ve tried to keep ourselves busy during the lockdown. The school where Callum works decided that he was in the “at risk” group and he has spent lockdown at home. Freddie was home-schooled when his school closed, Tracy has been working from home and Chris has been doing all the shopping…

Chris’s Claptrap

Well April dawned with us in lockdown. I was tasked with doing the shopping mainly because Callum had to self-isolate and Tracy for obvious reasons cannot socially distance. Shopping was crazy – empty shelves and mad panic buyers.

Decided to start to make more stuff at home, like bread. Yeah, right – no flour or yeast anywhere as the UK population thought they were now on the Great British Bake Off!!! Luckily, Costco came up trumps and saved the day with the flour and who needs yeast with a sourdough starter?

The allotment has come along nicely, along with the garden. We managed to clear out the greenhouse and make a start on the planting bed. We now have some courgettes and pumpkin to plant out; and tomatoes, peppers and chillies for the greenhouse. Made a start on re-seeding the lawn at home. It was looking decidedly awful after cutting it for the first time, so I bought some seed and spread it around – we shall see what happens.

I have been helping Tracy with some craft projects, we have made pom-poms, air dry clay hearts and some fudge and coconut ice. I even had a go at cutting Freddie and Callum’s hair – didn’t do a bad job, even if I do say so myself.

I have also been writing a business plan for the project that my colleague Steve and I are starting. We are starting a training company offering vision awareness training to businesses and other organisations/groups.

So, on the whole, I have been kept busy so far during the lockdown.

Tracy’s Tomfoolery

A week into the COVID19 lockdown and life felt like it had been turned upside down. Now having to do everything from home. Providing therapy by phone and online was something I had resisted for a long time and now here it was a necessity and very real. It threw me into turmoil initially if I am honest, but I did settle into it as there was little other choice as demand for the service increased. Working from home was a challenge, something I have done before, but this was very different with all these other people around all day, every day. I missed the daily walks of previous times. I became a recluse and more and more anxious about leaving the house as time went on but support from others got me through. Getting more involved in activities to bring the community together kept me motivated, busier and it was rewarding. Sundays became very precious with no other commitments but family time; and joining in some of the fun the others in the house had been having. The whole lockdown hair thing caught up with me and I went from dark to blonde. Enjoyed my birthday which included a “virtual” party – we got used to these during lockdown, Mother’s Day had been the first and Liam had his birthday too in April. It was good to have our small “Family in Quarantine” Messenger Group. Making pom poms became a frequent activity and I was often seen walking around the house with one in my hand in progress. Ventured into other craft projects, I learnt a lot from Chris about the outside world via TikTok, shopping and other social media and all the other things I avoided. I did maintain my healthy indulgencies in an attempt to stay sane. My hormones did get the better of me at times and had the occasional outburst.

It was nice to finish the end of May with garden visits to Hull – Mum for her birthday and Mark and Claire for their wedding anniversary.

Callum’s Capers

I came into lockdown being told by work to self-isolate, then the schools closed. So, armed with all this spare time my pal Jack and I decided to set up a football page on Facebook called Talking Football where we discuss and share football news

I have also been using the time to get better at FIFA 20 on the x-box, by shouting at the referees/other players/myself/my controllers when things don’t quite go my own way…

I have been getting out for exercise by taking Mardle for walks along the canal, which has been a great excuse to get out for some fresh air and a change of scenery.

Freddie’s Flim-flam

My school closed early in April and I had to get used to working at home. School sent me some work to do, I used the computer to access BBC Bitesize lessons and Mrs Morell kept in touch by phone and video calls.

It took some getting used to, but I have enjoyed spending more time at home – although I can’t wait to get back to school.

I have helped Daddy with lots of baking and gardening. I have really enjoyed spending time at the allotment.

Daddy did cut my hair, but between you and me I prefer the hairdressers…

Mardle’s Merriment

I could get used to this lockdown malarkey! I have started working from home, yay!

I did get bored though and decided to add some excitement to Mum and Dad’s life by having to be rushed to the vets for emergency surgery.

Wow, could get used to all the pampering though. But don’t even think of coming near me with the ‘cone of shame’…

Enjoying having the family around more for lots of ear rubs and pats and really enjoying having 3 meals a day – would like more, but hey ho!

I am looking forward to getting out for a long run when I heal up properly.

Must dash, I think I heard something drop in the kitchen – it must be food…

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