Lockdown 2: The Revenge! Oct – Nov 2020

Check out our Gallery Well the relaxation of COVID restrictions created another lockdown and the impact this had on many was different and harder to accept in some ways than the national locksown back in the spring. For us as a family there weren’t too many changes to routine as a results of this. Freddie … Read more

New Kinds of Normal Aug – Sep 2020

Check out our Gallery August and September seemed to fly by so quickly but looking back on our photo memories we did do a fair amount of different things alongside a busy work schedule. The summer holidays for Callum and Freddie so lots of relaxation for them both and spending time with Chris. There were … Read more

Summer Vibes Jun -Jul 2020

Check out our Gallery Lockdown carries on! We did manage to get out and about a bit: Cayton Bay near Scarborough. Chris had his Birthday. Callum and Chris built Freddie a trampoline in the back garden. Check out the Gallery. There were many more sunny days that we enjoyed in the garden and down at … Read more

Welcome! Come on in…

Thanks for visiting our home, here online! A place for us to share our adventures with you. Visit our Gallery to see and hear more of our story through described photos or sign up to our weekly newsletter  and read our blogs here Feel free to get in touch or leave comments. Love and blessings … Read more